Bernd  Noack


National Talent Professor at Harbin Institute ot Technology, Shenzhen, China
Professor at TU Berlin
Fellow of the American Physical Society
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Orcid ID: 0000-0001-5935-1962

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Academic background

I am Research Director CNRS at LIMSI-CNRS, Paris-Saclay, France, Visiting Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Honorary Professor and Chair of << Turbulence Control >> at TU Berlin, Germany, Professor and Chair of << Flow Modelling and Control >> at TU Braunschweig, Germany, and Invited Professor at ENSMA, France. We work on closed-loop turbulence control solutions for transport and energy systems. Born in 1966, I received a degree as diplom physicist from the Georg-August-University, Göttingen, in 1989. I stayed on to receive the physics doctorate in 1992. In the sequel, I had positions at the Max-Planck-Institut für Strömungsforschung, Göttingen, the German Aerospace Center, Göttingen, the Göttingen University, the United Technologies Research Center (East Hartford, CT, USA) and the Berlin Institute of Technology, where I was Professor and Chair of ''Reduced-Order Modelling for Flow Control''. In 2009 I joined the Institute PPRIME, Poitiers, France as Research Director CNRS. I also became Head of the Senior ANR Chair of Excellence ''Closed-Loop Control of Turbulent Shear Flows using Reduced-Order Models (TUCOROM).'

Academic lineage

  • 2007 Adopted member of William K. George Clan originating from Leonhard Euler
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  • Arnold Euken's academic lineage continues as follows: 1887 PhD of Euken; 1863 Nernst (1920 Nobel prize in chemistry); 1827 Kohlrausch; 1800 Schweiger; 1783 Hildebrandt; 1768 JF Gmelin; 1742 PF Gmelin; 1722 Mauchardt; 1691 Camerarius Jr; 1663 Camerarius Sr; 1646 Metzger; 1640 Möbius; 1625 Rolfink; 1603 van den Spieghel; 1559 Hieronymus Fabricius; 1547 Fallopio; 1520 Brasavola; 1446 Leoniceno ; 14?? Bonisoli da Lonigo; 1416 da Feltre; 1408 da Verona 1??? Chrysoloras; 1??? Kydones; 1363 Kabasilas; 13?? Palamas; 1315 Metochites; 1??? Bryennios; 1??? Chioniades; 1??? Shams ad-Din Al-Bukhari; 1??? Nasir al-Din al-TusiM 1??? Kamal al Din Ibn Yunus, a famous mathematician and astronomer (950-1009).
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