OpenMLC is a freely available Matlab tool for Machine Learning Control (MLC) using genetic programming as a powerful model-free regression technique. MLC yields optimal open- and closed-loop control laws for arbitrary numerical and experimental plants. It starts to shine when the many facets of nonlinearities, like amplitude saturation, frequency crosstalk or the turbulence cascade obstruct the model-based control approach. We have used this Matlab tool for optimal control of dynamical systems, Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) and shear turbulence in real-world experiments. Illusttrated examples are provided in our textbook:


  • Duriez, T., Brunton, S. L. & Noack, B. R. (2016) "Machine Learning Control - Taming Nonlinear Dynamics and Turbulence." Series 'Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications 116, Springer-Verlag. (html)

    Duriez, Brunton & Noack 2016 Springer
Further turbulence control experiments with MLC are detailed in following Journal publications:
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Main developer of OpenMLC

Thomas Duriez (CONICET, Buenos Aires)


  • OpenMLC.tar.gz. This version of the code was used for the examples in our MLC textbook (2016-04-01).