xROM is a freely available tool for reduced-order modeling. One purpose of xROM is to derive dynamic POD models from snapshot data and Galerkin projection using the Navier-Stokes equations.

Moreover xROM
  • can analyze CFD and PIV data;
  • can handle a large spectrum of 2D and 3D grids (Cartesian, structured, unstructured, etc.);
  • can create other modal expansions (DMD) and other modes (e.g. shift modes);
  • is user-friendly through a single configuration file;
  • is parallelizable.
We have used earlier versions of this tool for most of the empirical Galerkin models since 2003 and plan to continually expand xROM's capabilities (e.g.SPOD, CROM, etc.).


Semaan, Fernex, Weiner & Noack 2020 TU BS

Main developers