Focus and expertize

Our model-based turbulence control employs reduced-order models (ROMs) which are accurate enough to capture the main unactuated and actuated coherent structures but low-dimensional enough to be on-line capable for the experiment. In the past 25 years we have developed numerous enablers for such control-oriented ROMs.

Introductory reading

Noack , Morzynski & Tadmor  2011 Springer Brunton & Noack 2015 AMR
Noack, B.R., Morzynski, M. & Tadmor, G.(eds.) (2011) "Reduced-Order Modelling for Flow Control." CISM Courses and Lectures 528, Springer-Verlag, Vienna. (html) Brunton, S. L. & Noack, B. R. (2015) "Closed-loop turbulence control: Progress and challenges". Applied Mechanics Reviews (online) (html).

Part of the 2011 Springer book are illustrated by following introductory slides.

  • Motivation for ROM (PDF)
  • Standard POD Galerkin method (PDF)
  • POD models for natural flows (PDF)
  • Mean-field models for transient dynamics (PDF)
  • Finite-time thermodynamics as unifying discipline for stability analysis, turbulence theory and control theory (PDF)

Closed-loop wake stabilization using ROM

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Enablers of POD models

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Subscale turbulence closures of POD models

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Generalized modal expansions

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Statistical closures of Galerkin models

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Time-resolving 3D POD models of PIV data

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Mathematical Galerkin models

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Pioneers in Reduced-Order Modeling

  • Ludwig BOLTZMANN (1844-1906): Introduction of entropy, attractor (equilibrium) model for complete chaos. (html)
  • Lev Davidovich LANDAU (1908-1968): Dynamic models for order parameters during transitions (Landau model, Ginzburg-Landau equation, phase transition). (html)
  • Norbert WIENER (1894-1964): Cybernetics as framework for modern control design. From linear models, stochastic processes to Maxwellian demons (information theory). (html)